Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Teenage Brain Tumor

We're at the cusp. Cassie has just turned 13 and I believe we're just starting to experience glimpses of what our diabetes educator calls "teenage brain tumor," a condition where a massive growth of stubborness, rebellion and denial enters the adolescent skull. This condition isn't unique to diabetics, but it certainly ups the ante since this altered behavior can have profound effects on your child's health.

A couple things to be aware of: 1.) hormones have a big time effect on blood sugars and insulin absorption, 2.) the battle for "control" in general can trigger a destructive spiral into behaviors like eating disorder.

These are tricky, tricky waters. Luckily, experience with our older daughter (non-diabetic) has pointed out some potential icebergs. Studying up on our own past experiences and learning from friends who have already gone through this may prove to be our best compass.

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