Saturday, December 20, 2008

The need to be Normal

Here's one of my daughter's greatest desires: "I want to be normal."

It's ironic that normalcy could ever be considered a great desire. But that's what this disease does. It's disruptive to our entire family's lives, and destructive to our daughter's health. It takes us far from normal.

As we enter into her teenage years, we become acutely aware of how any differences can become magnified in a social sense. Everyone notices the new pocketbook...or jeans... or hair style. A pump on the hip, or a low blood sugar incident sometimes shatter the ability to easily fit in.

What we need to remember as parents is that "fitting in" is a state of mind. It's learning to become comfortable in your own skin. It's building confidence in yourself despite any setbacks. That's why we work hard to maintain control of the disease and support her growth in self-esteem. That way, until a cure comes, we can at least help to make her "feel normal."

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