Friday, October 17, 2008

iPhone to the Rescue

I'm an unabashed techno geek, and I was one of the nerdy Apple faithful to stand in line when the iPhone first launched over a year ago. Earlier this year Apple opened up the iPhone market to third party application developers. I'm pleased to find some really cool things that have been developed to help manage diabetes.

The first item is DIABETES LOG that was developed by Distal Thoughts. It helps you track glucose, food and medicine delivery.

Another application you can (and should) get is the RESTAURANT NUTRITION application that was developed by Foundation Healthcare Network. It'll give you carb counts and nutritional info to many national restaurants and fast food chains. This comes in very handy for any parent dealing with diabetes.

The really cool thing about both these powerful tools - it's FREE. So if you have an iPhone make sure to go to the "App Store" on the iTunes store to download these little software nuggets.

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