Monday, May 15, 2006


We've both tried Humalog and Novolog as our rapid acting insulin choice. Today we'll get a chance to try out Aventis' APIDRA which by reputation is one of the fastest acting insulins available. We'll let you know hw well it works vs. the tried and true Novolog that we've come to rely upon.

What's funny is that the brand name APIDRA isn't French or Latin- it's Pig Latin for "Rapid." I wonder how much they paid the naming agency for this one!

update: the Apidra didn't work and we had terrible highs. I think it may have been a bad batch, but we're not taking any risks. We've gone back to Novolog which is tried and true.


Purianite said...

Just to let you know, "rapid" in Pig Latin is "apidray".

And by the way, Uncle Red, this is Ryan. I've become an unsigned music artist.

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