Monday, May 30, 2005

Political Expertise- An Oxymoron

NJ Assemblyman Michael P. Carroll definitively told 14 year old Emily Greatrex that stem cells would not cure her diabetes. Although he may have a strong moral stance against embryonic stem cell research, when did he become enough of a scientific/medical expert to rule out the medical possibilities of this line of study? Read about the heartbreaking results of his callous comments... click here.

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Anonymous said...

Not all NJ politicos are so cold to diabetes. NJ Rep Michael Ferguson, along with OH Rep Ted Strickland introduced into the US House of Representatives HR 2841. This bill would provide Medicare patients reimbursement for "sharps" disposal. While this is only Medicare patients, it is a start that would eventually lead to Medicaid coverage as well as insurance coverage. For more information on this, I found two websites that are interesting: and which is the manufacturer of the only FDA approved home use needle and lancet destruction device, it is a really cool item.