Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tsunami Relief for Diabetics

As if having diabetes weren't bad enough, can you imagine having to deal with a shortage of supplies for your child if your hometown was hit by a Tsunami? The folks at Australian based Insulin For Life (IFL) have secured donations of supplies and transport to the stricken in Southeast Asia. Here's an update from their ste (

Following urgent requests, IFL Australia, IFL Germany and IFL UK have successfully sent insulin, test strips and other diabetes supplies to established and trusted networks at the Diabetes Association of Sri Lanka on 30 December 2004, with confirmed receipt on January 7 and 12 and distribution immediately to 2 General Hospitals in Galle and Matara in the south and others in the east - some of the worst areas affected by the Tsunami.

..... "we estimate that there are at least 10,000 persons who require insulin but who may not get it from the normal channels due to the disruptions due to the tsunami. We have tried to bridge the gap with our own resources and with those sent by IFL Australia, IFL- Germany and IFL- UK ."

We are planning to send more supplies. Support for the transport and handling costs of sending the supplies will be very gratefully received.

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