Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Holiday Bugs and Hugs

Well we washed our hands and tried to be careful about catching colds, but Cassie still got sick. She's come down with a terrible cough and runny nose. No real signs of bacterial infection and looked like a virus.

Her blood sugars had been really manageable and her ketones low, but on New Year's Eve she took a turn for the worse and started getting a high fever. Her ketones which had been low earlier that day were suddenly in the high range.

We were pretty aggressive about making sure she got a doctor's attention, and unsatisfied with calls to the clinic, Marinda pressed for an examination on New Year's day. Surprise! Big ear infection. Zithromax will hopefully knock it out, but after 3 days on the antibiotic her cough is still really bad.

Of course this always leads to interrupted sleep for her and us (more than the normal interrupted sleep we get for normally checking her in the middle of the night). But Cassie's been a real trooper.

Although she's a very independent and spirited little girl, it's times like this when I think she senses her frailty and understands her dependence on our care. I can tell she's suffering when she displays a lot of affection to her mom and me. We've gotten lots of hugs and kisses of grattitude lately, and it breaks my heart :(

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