Saturday, August 21, 2004

Temporary Basal Patterns

Here's a great tip for insulin pumpers from a Yale Diabetes Educator - EVERYONE on an insulin pump should have these 4 temporary basal rates programmed in:

1. Low Blood Sugar Basal: 0 units for 30 minutes.
2. High Blood Sugar Basal: 200% normal basal rate for a 3 hour duration. Use this for extended highs like when you're sick.
3. Travel Basal: 150% normal basal rate for a 2 hour duration. Because inactivity on planes, trains and automobiles lead to high blood sugars.
4. Exercise Basal: 50% normal basal rate for 1 hour 30 minutes. Because your body's metabolism is up during exercise and stays up past the actual time of your workout.

A primer for those who may not be familiar with the terms BASAL and BOLUS. A properly programmed BASAL pattern is the amount of insulin the pump will automatically put out to keep your blood sugars stable without any carbohydrate intake. If you eat or need to correct a high blood sugar, you need to program the pump to deliver a BOLUS or an extra and immediate infusion of insulin. The Bolus is manually entered when you need this boost of insulin.

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Red Maxwell said...

This info came from our Pediatric endocrinologist who attended a continuing Ed seminar in August