Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Super Secret Review

We just participated in a closed study of the new Cozmonitor and had a chance to play with this little device for a week. The glucometer is based on the Therasense Flash glucometer and attaches to the back of her purple Cozmo pump.

It's pretty small - about as thick as a half pack of Juicy Fruit gum and is secured to the pump by the battery cap screw. The unit is small but for an 8 year old, it makes the whole package quite a pocketful. A nifty leather case also helps keep the whole thing integrate as a single unit. So if the pump's conected to your body, you'll never forget your glucometer at home (of course, you'll still have to remember to bring strips and a lancet with you).

How does the Cozmonitor communicate with the pump? There are infrared (IR) "ports" which line up perfectly to the pump's own ports. The beauty of this is that all blood sugars get recorded to the pump's memory. When we review Cassie's numbers, we disassemble the Cozmonitor from the pump; line up the IR port to our computer's IR port, then download the history using the Cozmanager software. Voila, all her blood glucose tests, bolus history and carb intakes are there in a consolidated report.

Using the Cozmo pump and the associated Cozmonitor has made it easier for us to manage diabetes. It helps us do a lot of the thinking and remembering needed for diabetes care, and lets us concentrate on parenting an 8 year old.

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