Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Tissue Atrophy Reversed!

Here's an update on a posting I made in March 2004 about this subject:
A couple years ago Cassie started to develop a little "dent" on one of her tummy sites. This was caused by a side effect from her insulin called tissue atrophy, a "wasting away" of the cell tissue.

Cassie's pediatric endocrinologist, gave us a little counterintuitive direction and advised us to start choosing infusion sites near her dent with Novolog. He told us that sometimes it can offset the tissue atrophy and begin to build the tissue back up. We did it and noticed the dent starting to go away.

Several months after, I can happily attest that the tissue atrophy has virtually been erased. One less scar from diabetes!

Thanks also to all the well-wishers who emailed us about this.

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