Thursday, April 22, 2004

Stomach Bug

Maybe one of the biggest things we fear most about the cold and flu season is the possibility of Cassie getting a stomach bug. Getting an illness that makes you not eat, lose fluids and raise ketones is a chilling prospect for anyone dealing with diabetes.

Cassie just got hit with the stomach flu, and it took her out of commission for a week. At first we weren't sure her diarrhea was from eating something that upset her stomach or from ketones caused by several nights of high blood sugars. As soon as we determined that it was a virus, we promptly called our pediatric endocrinologist for some advice to get her ketone levels down.

Dr. H told us the best way to get her ketones down was to ply her with sweets - anything that she could stomach, then give her insulin for it. Her lack of eating had led to her body breaking down body fat for energy. Metabolizing body fat produces ketones as a by-product. In effect we were doing the reverse of the Atkins diet.

As with any cold or flu, drinking lots of fluids was highly recommended. It helps the body flush out ketones and glucose that isn't effectively absorbed. Of course, lots of rest helps too.

She's much better now, but hopefully you can benefit from our experiences with a bout of the dreaded stomach bug.

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