Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Site Changes and Tissue Atrophy

Sunday was the last day of Cassie's gymnastics season. What this means for us is that we can now start rotating her insulin infusion site to her abdomen. Back handsprings and flips tend to pull the infusion site's canula out, and the last thing we need is to change out her site after every practice. Inserting a one inch needle to put in that canula is not something we wanted to do more than 3 times a week.

This is why we're excited about being able to use an abdomen infusion site:
A couple years ago Cassie started to develop a little "dent" on one of her tummy sites. This was caused by a side effect from her insulin called tissue atrophy, a "wasting away" of the cell tissue.

Looking into the subject, we found anecdotal evidence that some patients react to this way to Humalog. Humalog had been working great for us: fast acting and gone from her system in 2 hours, but we decided to switch to Novolog because of the tissue atrophy.

Last year, Dr. Parker, Cassie's pediatric endocrinologist, gave us a little counterintuitive direction and advised us to start choosing infusion sites near her dent with the Novolog. He told us that sometimes it can offset the tissue atrophy and begin to buil the tissue back up. We did it and noticed the dent starting to go away. Backflips and handsprings prevented us from tummy sites since September, but now we can go back to trying to fill in her little dent. Wish us luck!

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