Thursday, March 11, 2004

Pump Freedom

As we relax during the kids' spring break this week, our friends in Charlotte are placing their 6 year old son on an insulin pump. I wonder if they realize how dramatic a lifestyle change this will be for a family dealing with diabetes.

The wonderful thing about having an insulin pump is the flexibility it affords us when our daily routine isn't so routine.

When we were on 3 shots a day, we had to eat on a stringent schedule based on the pharmokinetic curve of the Regular and NPH insulin mix. This was hard force feeding our toddler who wasn't hungry, or denying food to her when she was - just because it wasn't the right time for the insulin already in her body. This is even more difficult when we travel long distances in a car, have sleeping time change during Spring Break or have a burst of activity when we're swimming and riding rollercoasters in a theme park.

Our trusty Minimed 508 pump allows us to bolus her when she's high, after she eats (whatever the time) and suspend insulin flow when she's dangerously low. This affects our entire family's life and daily schedule and has made vacation getaways feel a bit more like a real vacation.

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