Monday, March 15, 2004

Problems with Paradigm Quickset Plus

On March 3rd, Medtronic Minimed issued a customer letter with information about regarding the Quick-set Plus Infusion sets for the Paradigm pump. Many customers had complained about:
1.) Dislodging the the infusion set while removing the insertion device
2.) The ineffectiveness of the adhesive to keep the canula/ infusion set in place
The company is now in the process of redesigning the sets to have stronger canulas and use an improved adhesive.

In the meantime, Minimed is offering two other infusion set options for Paradigm users- the Silhouette and the Soft-set. You can check out the details on the minimed site by clicking here or download the minimed customer letter by clicking here. Minimed's help line is 1-800-MINIMED.

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