Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Mexican Food

Everyone has stories about how hard it is to adjust insulin doses for pizza. I'm here to tell you that certain Mexican foods can be just as troublesome.

I think the cheese/ carb/ fat combination is similar to pizza and tends to make blood sugars skyrocket several hours after eating. The other thing to watch for is not to overbolus or overtreat right after the meal. When we've treated Cassie with a big dose of insulin right after one of these meals, it has resulted in some scary lows 1 hour after a large meal time bolus then rollercoastered to a massive high 3 hours later. So we've been experimenting with a dual wave/ square wave combination based on some guidance from our friends in Charlotte who have run into the same thing with their twin daughters.

Last night we had cheese enchiladas and nachos at La Carretta. I counted about 15 grams of carbohydrates for 10 nacho chips (dipped into cheese and salsa dip) and another 20 grams for her cheese enchilada (one tortilla). gave her 0.5u at the meal, then a square wave bolus of 1.0u over 2 hours. She still went high after bedtime. I guess we'll need to keep fiddling. Sigh.

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