Thursday, February 26, 2004


Marinda and I met this week with Sam Wheeler and Steve Bledsoe from Smiths Medical. Smiths Medical as many of you know is the parent company of Deltec, maker of the Cozmo insulin pump. Sam is our local Deltec rep and Steve runs the the Northeastern regional business unit for Deltec's diabetes division.

Right now the big news that Deltec can make available is that the Cozmo pump is available in designer purple. Great for fashion conscious kids and for parents who want them to feel good about wearing them.

But the really big news is the pending release of the Cozmonitor, an attachable glucometer which snaps onto the Cozmo pump and talks to it via an infrared connection.

This is similar in principle to Minimed's 712/ BD meter combo, but the Cozmonitor actually clips onto the back of the Cozmo pump and is about as big as three stacked pieces of Juicy Fruit gum. How'd they get it so small? There's no readout screen on the monitor. It uses the Cozmo pump's display instead.

The meter has not received FDA approval yet, but word on the street is that we may see it in market as early as second quarter 2004. Should you wait until then to get a Deltc Cozmo? The good news is that all new Cozmo pumps have the software already loaded to be able to talk to the proposed meters. Owners of older pumps may want to contact their doctor and/or Deltec representative to see if their pump can have the onboard software updated to be able to connect to the meter when it's available.

Click here to view the Deltec website.

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