Sunday, February 01, 2004

BD Logic Strips Recalled

Initially we loved the new BD Logic glucometer. It was light, had a great set of features and required only a small volume of blood. The big plus for this meter is that it will be able to wirelessly communicate with the next generation of Minimed insulin pumps.

However, we ran into ran many errors this past holiday break. We kept getting an E-3 error message and had to prick her finger 3-4 times because nearly a third of the strips were bad. We contacted the company and they told us that we may have been taking the blood sample incorrectly and "flooded" the strip. It seems we weren't the only ones experiencing difficulties. BD has recalled entire lots of the glucometer strips.

You can find out more at their website by clicking here. BD was nice enough to replace our strips, but we don't want to subject our daughter to multiple finger sticks again. Until we upgrade to Minimed's 712 pump, we're going to switch back to old reliable - the Lifescan OneTouch Ultra meter.

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